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IoT Pet Tracking Products

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IoT Pet Tracking Products

Internet of Things is the technology that solves practical problems of every day life activities. One of the areas of this, is related our pets. Internet of Things provide many different solutions for our pets, that includes monitoring their activities, their habits, determining their locations etc. By doing such practical solutions, pet sector has started to involve in the Internet of Things World. Especailly Pet Tracking GPS are important products in this area.



Pets and IoT Pet Product Market


According to analyses, today, %32 of Eurepean families has at least one pet.This ratio is %65 at North America families. This is basically means that, only in these two continental, there are at least 300 million cats and dogs. This is showing that, next technologies and Internet of Things can have a very large potential. And this is growing day by day. Pet tracking gps are very popular and has a large market.

Pet Product Market is a really big market. Different pet clothes, organic foods for pets, pet hotels and now various wearables for Internet of Things. These wearables are used especially for pet tracking.

Today, almost 300.000 pets are wearing Internet of Things (IoT) Pet Tracking System in Europe and North America. It is one of the rising sector of Internet of Things and it has a %45 growing rate per year. At 2021, it is expected to reach 2.8 million dolar market rate.



Different Methods of Pet Tracking GPS Systems


There are different working methods of Internet of Things Tracking Systems. These different methods are:

• Bluetooth
• Wi-Fi
• Hybrid

Internet of Things Pet Tracking Systems that use Bluetooth and Wi-fi can be used indoor. These systems use low battery but they cover a very small area. So, your animal can be tracked in a small area.

On the other hand, GPS is a solution for outdoors. It can cover a very wide area and it is only limited with GPS. But the disadvantages of these Internet of Things Pet Tracking Systems are, they consume too much battery.

As a solution to collect all these advantages and remove disadvantages, a Hybrid solution is developed. These systems can use all these technologies ( Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS) according to the location. And these are the most effective Internet of Things Pet Tracking Systems.



Monitoring Pet Tracking GPS with Smartphone


Internet of Things Pet Tracking Systems can monitor the pet movements, locations and habits via smart devices. This can be a smartphone, a tablet, a notebook etc.

The detailed reports can be monitored and recorded in the Pet Tracking GPS. This can be viewed anywhere and anytime, when you would like to check your pet’s behaviour.



You Will Never Lose Your Pet


It is very difficult for a pet owner to lose her pet. To handle such cases and especially as a proactive solution, some Internet of Things products has developed. Accorgind to these new IoT devices, animals location is determined with various different methods like GPS, RF signals etc. These are generally called Internet of Things Pet Tracking GPS.



Social Pets with Social Media


Social Media is one fo the most used social platforms in todays’s world. This is very common for human. How about our pets? Still, they can not use the social media yet 🙂 But, Internet of Things Pet Tracking Systems and the IoT products on this area, provide social media connection for you and your pet. With this social media connections, you can be a part of many social media platforms.You can join groups, activities etc.



Following IoT Trends


Internet of Things Pet Tracking Systems can be very effective and useful for you and your pet. In some cases, maybe this IoT technology can be life saver.

Beside, world is going throught Internet of Things products that can control many cases around us. To involve in these technology trend and to become a professional pet owner, Internet of Things Pet Tracking Systems are one of the key IoT Products.


IoT Pet Tracking GPS Products of Different Companies



Whistle Pet Tracker


whistle-pet-tracking-contactAddress :
Phone :
Email :
Web :


The Paw Pet Tracker


the-paw-tracker-contactAddress : Paw Tracker 3699 McKinney Ave. A-221 Dallas, TX 75204 USA
Phone : 469-646-7231
Email :
Web :


The Gibi Pet Tracker


gibi-pet-tracking-contactAddress : 2120 Avy Avenue, #7326 Menlo Park, CA 94026 USA
Phone : +1-844-GETGIBI (438-4424)
Email :
Web :


Pod Pet Tracker


pod-pet-tracker-contactAddress :
Phone : +1 619 831 6494
Email :
Web :


Link AKC Pet Tracker


link-ack-pet-tracking-contactAddress :
Phone : 1 (888) 300-6608
Email :
Web :


Tractive GPS Pet Tracker


tractive-pet-tracking-contactAddress :
Phone :
Email :
Web :


PetPace Pet Tracker


petpace-pet-tracking-contactAddress : PetPace LLC, 25 Burlington Mall Road, Suite 301, Burlington, MA 01803
Phone : +1-978-785-7223
Email :
Web :


Nuzzle Pet Tracker


nuzzle-pet-tracking-contactAddress :
Phone : (844) 872-3144
Email :
Web :


Voyce Pet Tracking GPS


voyce-pet-tracking-contact-Address : i4C Innovations, 3800 Concorde Parkway, Suite 400, Chantilly, VA 20151
Phone : 703.995.4139
Email :
Web :


Garmin GPS Pet Tracking GPS Device


garmin-pet-tracker-contactAddress :
Phone :
Email :
Web :


Marco Polo Pet Tracking GPS Product


marco-polo-pet-tracking-contactAddress : Eureka Technology Partners, LLC, 18340 Yorba Linda Blvd. Suite 107 Yorba Linda, CA 92886
Phone : (866) 825-4208
Email :
Web :


Loc8tor Pet Tracking GPS


loc8tor-pet-tracker-contactAddress :Loc8tor Ltd Octagon House The Ridgeway London NW7 1RL United Kingdom
Phone : +44 (0) 208 207 0880
Email :
Web :

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