Wearables of Internet of Medical Things

Wearables of Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) Internet of Things (IoT) is a very large technology that has many sub categories in different areas. Healthcare sector is one of these important sub categories and area that Internet of Things (IoT) can involve in. Till now, there are various Healtcare Products have been developed and many […]

Elderly HealthCare with Internet of Things

Elderly HealthCare with Internet of Things World population is currenly 7,6 billion at the beginning of the year 2018. It is predicted that it will be 8 billion at 2025. Beside these population growth, elderly people population is also rising. Now, the %12 of the world population is elderly. This ratio will be %15 at […]

Fitbit Surge Wristband

Fitbit Surge Wristband People do fitness and other sports for an healty life or as a part of their life / job. During these trainnings they need to measure their performance, distances, losed calories etc. Till now, there are different devices introduced to the market for this measurements. And day to day, the size of […]

AdhereTech Smart Pill Bottles

AdhereTech Smart Pill Bottles One of the most important and developing areas of Internet of Things (IoT) is Healtcare solutions. We can basically called these technologies “Internet of Health (IoH)”. There are many healtcare solution that patients benefit from. This area is also, developing itself too fast and day by day a new technology being […]

WellBe Stress Bracelet

Stress is one of the most negatively influential factor for people healt. Long time stress cause headaches, fatigue, high blood pressure, heart diseases, sleeping disorders, digestive problems, aging and obesity. For years, people are trying to overcome this negative effects of stress, so people are trying to avoid being stressfull or they are trying to […]