Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo Amazon Echo is an hands-free speaker that is controlled by your voice. With your voice, you can make IoT Product Amazon Echo┬áto play music, to listen news, to learn weather etc. Here, you have only a difficult duty. You need to ask ­čśë IoT Product Amazon Echo knows you from your voice and […]

Amazon Dash Button

Amazon Dash Button Internet of Things (IoT) technology are developing day by day and entering in different sectors, different fields. One of the most important general sector that┬á Internet of Things (IoT) enter is the retail sector. Amazon Dash Button is an important entrance of retail sector with internet of things. As you know retail […]

Nest Thermostat

Nest┬áThermostat In houses modern houses there are many warming mechanisms. These different warming mechanims needs a thermostat that controls the house temperature. With a good and effective thermostat you do not spent more energy. And with an effective thermostat you savings will increase. Nest Thermostat is one of these products. Home Automation Product of Nest […]