IoT Pet Tracking Products

IoT Pet Tracking Products Internet of Things is the technology that solves practical problems of every day life activities. One of the areas of this, is related our pets. Internet of Things provide many different solutions for our pets, that includes monitoring their activities, their habits, determining their locations etc. By doing such practical solutions, […]

Nest Home Security Cams

Nest Home Security Cams Home security is an important point in today’s world. People try different type of security mechanisms to safe their house. One of the most important tools that is used for home security is security cams. Nest Home Security Cams are coming to our lives here. Security cams has different types.  But mainy, […]

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

Internet of things (IoT) are entering many areas of our lives recently. Tracking facilities also one of these areas that Internet of things (IoT) appears. Tracking any moving object or an animal, pet are all part of these tracking facilities. Especially, real-time alerting system connecting to your phone is a perfect case study of Internet […]

Mobilock Bike Lock

Mobilock World’s First Bike LockIn the cities, towns and most crowded places, traffic is an important problem for people. Any solution that bypass this traffic problem is mostly welcome to anyone that suffers from this problem. Like in other areas, Internet of Things (IoT) technologies also offers different solutions. One of these solutions is Mobilock […]