Amazon Echo


Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is an hands-free speaker that is controlled by your voice. With your voice, you can make IoT Product Amazon Echo to play music, to listen news, to learn weather etc. Here, you have only a difficult duty. You need to ask 😉


IoT Product Amazon Echo knows you from your voice and the key word that makes it active is “Alexa”. When you say “Alexa”, it becomes active.

IoT Product Amazon Echo can hear your voice even if it is too small. It has a very strong sensors and you do not need to shout.

What Can You Do With Amazon Echo ?

With Amazon Echo, first of all you can play your best songs by only talking and wishing to play. It can be Sting’s English Man or ZAZ’s lee fee. He will find your song and you will listen it in a very short time. There is not need to use hands.  And  with Amazon Echo, you have a limited access to Amazon Music.

IoT Product Amazon Echo also provides voice control for the popular music platforms like Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn. You can also listen music from these places hands free. For example you can say, “Alexa, play today’s hit music”.

Maybe you will go to a restorant and you did not make reservation yet. You can tell this to Amazon Echo, “Alexa Find Me a Turkish Restaurant.” Then, he will list some options for you.

Yo can also gie orders from your Amazon Echo. “Alexa, order new dishwasher detergent.”

IoT Product Amazon Echo also works with your smart devices in home. For example it also does your wishes about your light or washing machines. You can say your device, “Alexa turn on the lights.”

Isn’ t it effective and interesting?

And day by day, new features and capabilities are adding to this smart device. It is always connected so updates automatically. For example new features like ordering pizza, requesting a ride from uber etc. are adding day by day to this smart device.

How Amazon Echo Hears You?

Amazon Echo has 8 contained microphone. So with this detailed mechanims, it can hear you from anywhere even if you are talking slowly. During your speech, there can be also a music in the place. Amazon Echo do not care about it. It hears you and does you wishes.


Mobile Application of Amazon Echo

IoT Product Amazon Echo works with Alexa Application. You can download and set up Alexa Application for your IOS and Android devices. After set up, you can control and set up your Amazon Echo device from your phone.


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