Digitsole Smart Shoe


Digitsole Smart Shoe

Health is becoming one of the key focus of new technologies day by day. The recent technology, Internet of Things (IoT) is also focusing healt area with different producst of different companies. Digitsole is one of these Internet of Things (IoT) companies, that locate itself in the Internet of Things (IoT) market with the product Digitsole Smart Shoe.

Digitsole Smart Shoe is an Internet of Things (IoT) product that provides the users an intelligent shoe experience. One of the meanings of Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming intelligent as you know. Here, with Internet of Things (IoT) adaptation of wearings, intelligence is becaming available on these wearings. Digitsole Smart Shoe does also this exactly. Think about a smart shoe that you can control from your Smart Phone. Isn’ t it impressive?


What Digitsole Smart Shoe Provides?

The Internet of Things (IoT) product of Digitsole,  Digitsole Smart Shoe provides many controls on different factors for you. You can control these properties and by doing this, you can get a very satisfied user experience.

First of all, with Digitsole Smart Shoe, you can control the temperature of your shoes. You can set a temperature value with your Smart Phone and Digitsole Smart Shoe set this temperature value as the temperature that can be reached. After that, your shoes’ temperature always same unless you change the temperature value. With this property, you can have heated shoes.

The second control of Digitsole Smart Shoe iş on tightening. You can tighten your shoes automatically  with your Smart Phone with the help of your voice control. Isn’t it an effective Internet of Things (IoT) solution?

During your activities, you sometimes need tracking of your activities. Digitsole Smart Shoe provides also this type of tracking. You can track the number of your steps, the meter of your distances, the amouth of your burnt calories etc. With Digitsole Smart Shoe, you do not need any additional tracking mechanism anymore. Because in Digitsole Smart Shoes, the tracking system is also included for better user experience. Here, one of the major important patters of Internet of Things (IoT), tracking, is achieved by included tracking mechanisms of Digitsole Smart Shoe.

Digitsole Smart Shoe also has a connected shoch absorption measurement system.


How Digitsole Smart Shoe Connect Your Smart Phone?

Bluetooth makes Digitsole Smart Shoe an Internet of Things (IoT) product. With Bluetooth, you can connect your Digitsole Smart Shoe to your Smart Phone and with this connection you can adjust your smart shoes’ settings.

Digitsole Smart Shoe uses Bluetooth 4.0 for the connection. And with bot your Android and IOS Smart Devices, you can reach your Digitsole Smart Shoes.

Here, the only thing you need to do is, downloading the application of Digitsole Smart Shoe and then control your Digitsole Smart Shoe setting. After these, you are connected to Internet of Things (IoT) world.



  • Maximum Heat Level:113°F (45°C)
  • Heat regulation:Thermostat
  • Temperature output:Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Distance output:Miles or meters
  • Available Sizes:EUR 36 to 47
  • Battery output:Hi-Cap rechargeable
  • Battery life (Lithium Ion):More than 500 Cycles
  • Charging system:Induction
  • Connectivity:Bluetooth 4.0

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