AdhereTech Smart Pill Bottles


AdhereTech Smart Pill Bottles

One of the most important and developing areas of Internet of Things (IoT) is Healtcare solutions. We can basically called these technologies “Internet of Health (IoH)”.

There are many healtcare solution that patients benefit from. This area is also, developing itself too fast and day by day a new technology being added to the Internet of Things (IoT) Healthcare world.

One of the startups about Internet of Things (IoT) Healthcare area is belong to AdhereTech. AdhereTech has developed Smart Pill Bottle that is a smart bottle that warns the patients about the pill dosage.


Patients needs to get their pills on time and for some of them this is very critic. Chronic conditions, like diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, asthma, depression etc. are some of these critic illness. Many of the illness caused by poor medical adherence. So, for such situations AdhereTech Smart Pill Bottle become a very important life saver Internet of Things (IoT) Health solution. AdhereTech Smart Pill Bottle will increase adherence and reduce the cost of missed medicine dosage.


How Smart Bottles Works

As many Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, AdhereTech Smart Pill Bottle works with the help of some sensors. With this sensors, AdhereTech Smart Pill Bottle detects the remove of one pill or one liquid mililiter of medicine from the bottle. Then, according to its patient profile, it warns the patient about this misisng dosage. This warn can be via phone call or text message. AdhereTech software also record this reasons of these misses. Basically, AdhereTech Smart Pill Bottle, is a remember mechanism for patients.


Benefits of AdhereTech Bootles

  • Zero Patient Setup
  • Easy to use
  • Reilable
  • Customizable Bottle settings

For more information visit Adheretech

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