Forcast For Internet of Things

Forcast For Internet of Things

In 2015, the connected IoT (Internet of Things) unit number is almost 5 billion. This value seems not to much beside 7.5 billion world population for today. But in the near future, this value will rapidly rise with the %30 ratio, and next year it will reach almost 6.4 billion connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices. And according to the researchers, in the year 2020, this connected device number will reach almost 20.8 billion.

When we think from the point of economy, Internet of Things (IoT) will create an important value. For the hardware or any application for Internet of Things (IoT), today almost 1.2 trillion dolars is spending. This value will increase more than %15 in the year 2016, 1.4 trillion dolars and it will reach the 3 times of today’s value, almost 3 trillion dolars.

As a summary;

Today ==> 2016 ==> 2020

5 billion ==> 6.4 billion ==> 20.8 billion devices

1.2 trillion ==> 1.4 trillion ==> 3 trillion dolars

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