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mobilock bike lock

Mobilock World’s First Bike LockIn the cities, towns and most crowded places, traffic is an important problem for people. Any solution that bypass this traffic problem is mostly welcome to anyone that suffers from this problem. Like in other areas, Internet of Things (IoT) technologies also offers different solutions. One of these solutions is Mobilock Bike Lock.

With Internet of Things (IoT) solution, Mobilock, bike sharing and management are available solution towards traffic jam. Basically, Mobilock provides the remote control, lock, unlock of the bikes and allow users to use these bikes in the bike cloud. Mobilock is a Internet of Things (IoT) bike sharing system controlled over a Mobilock mobile application and Mobilock web site.

mobilock bike lock

How Mobilock Works

For users it is very easy to use. The only thing you need to do is, creating an account on the Mobilock website or Mobile applicaiton. After this step, users can reserve bikes 7/24 over the Mobilock website or Mobilock mobile application. Mobilock confirms this selection and makes a reservation.

At the bike parking location, user can find the reserved bike with the help of Mobilock website or Mobilock mobile application. HE/She gets the bike and use as reeerved. And after the usage of bikes, at parking location bikes are also locked and become ready for the another user with only one buttton push. Bikes with this lock can be localised and monitored in real-time, even when someone is riding the bike.

During the travel, bike also can be locked and for each lock, application ask that if this is a temporarly or permanent lock. If temporary lock then user continue to use the bike, if permanent, then the bike become ready for another user.

Mobilock uses Low Power Wide Area Networks (Long Range) technologu in the lock. With this technology, it is possible to connect billions of devices over large distances with the internet via 3G, 4G.

mobilock bike lock

Security With Mobilock

Almost 500.000 bikes are stolen per year in Netherlands. This is a big security risk for bike users. Stealing a bike with Mobilock Bike Lock almost impossible. The bike that you share will be more safe with this Internet of Things product, Mobilock Bike Lock.

mobilock bike lock

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