Chui Smart Doorbell

Smart Door Bell, home security

chui smart doorbell

Security is an important pattern for houses. People wants to secure their houses with different technologies for many years. And doorbells are evolved too much after the first invent.

Now, the aga is Internet of Things (IoT) age and home security is also an important area that there are a lot of securit solutions. Chui Smart Doorbell is also one of the solutions in home security area.

Chui Smart Doorbell, is not only a doorbell, but it is also a face recongnition mechanism. With its sensors Chui Smart Doorbell, recognize the persone listed and act according to this profile. For example you want to start your TV or Computer when you come to home. So, Chui Smart Doorbell is a very good Internet of Things (IoT) solution for you. They are defining theirselves as “the world’s most intelligent doorbell”.

chui smart doorbell

How Chui Smart Doorbell Works

Chui Smart Doorbell wants a list from you, a list of allowed people, allowed profiles. After that, Chui Smart Doorbell scans visitos’ faces and with its face recognition sensors, it recognise these faces. Here, the faces plays the key role. At this stage, Chui Smart Doorbell also deliver a personalized, prerecorded message to the visitor. With a notification mechanism, Chui Smart Doorbell also notifys the people in the house about the arrived person. Beside allowed list, you can also determine a “do not distrub” list.

With the list, you can remotely control your Smart Doorbell, also remotely. Your dog walker do not need a key, or your house keeper can be recognized and allowed at that time.

One of most important features of Chui Smart Doorbell is, it can be connected to other smart home devices. You can adjust the profiles about the actions of the other connected home device For example when you come to the house, Chui Smart Doorbell recognize you and warns the TV to open.

Chui Smart Doorbell is also senstive for small differences. It recognize the change on people face over time. Chui Smart Doorbell also able to distinguish the identical twins.

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