Withings Smart Body Analyzer


Withings Smart Body Analyzer

People scale their weights with their smart home weight scale for years. Starting with analog devices, weight scaling technology went through the digital world and now, it is getting involved in Internet of Things (IoT) world.

As you know, Internet of Things (IoT) technology is very active in healt sector. As experts say, this is like Internet of Health (IoH). So, day by day a new product is entering to Internet of Health (IoH) world. One of the Internet of Things (IoT) product in this area is Withings’s product, Withings Smart Body Analyzer.


Withings Smart Body Analyzer is basically not only a weight scale but also a smart health control and measurement mechanism. With its coardinated IOS mobile application, Withings Smart Body Analyzer allows you to follow your data.

How it works ?

Using Withings Smart Body Analyzer is as basic as the before weight scales. Here, the only thing is creating your profile and determining your aims. After that, when ever you step on Withings Smart Body Analyzer, it will remember you and your data will be on the screen.

When you get Withings Smart Body Analyzer, you need to download its IOS mobile application. After that you need to create your profile and syncronize this profile with your Withings Smart Body Analyzer. After this step, you are connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) healt product Withings Smart Body Analyzer. The set up of Withings Smart Body Analyzer is very easy to your iPhone, iPad or iPod with bluetooth or wi-fi connection.

After set up and usage, you can reach your data whenever you want from the Healt Mate application on your mobile phone or web.


What Withings Smart Body Analyzer provides?

Internet of Things (IoT) healt product Withings Smart Body Analyzer provides, many benefits beside its weight scale mechanism. Some of the main benefits that Withings Smart Body Analyzer provides are below:

  • Withings Smart Body Analyzer scales your weight,
  • Withings Smart Body Analyzer scales your body mass index (BMI) and fat mass,
  • Withings Smart Body Analyzer scales your heart rate,
  • Withings Smart Body Analyzer scales the quality of the weather (Temperature and carbondioxide),
  • Withings Smart Body Analyzer has Position Control Technology for high quality measurements,
  • Withings Smart Body Analyzer measures your weight tendency accourding to Health Mate application,
  • Withings Smart Body Analyzer records profiles and related data, up to 8 people,
  • Withings Smart Body Analyzer, automatically recognize you, accoriding to your data.


It is better to emphasize some of the benefits of Withings Smart Body Analyzer.

You can reach your data from everywhere and anytime with Withings Smart Body Analyzer Health Mate application.

Withings Smart Body Analyzer can has different profiles up to 8 users. You can use it for different members of your family. When it firstly measures your scale after that whenever you step on it, it recognizes you automatically and sync to your Health Mate profile.

You  can share your Withings Smart Body Analyzer result on Social media like facebook twitter etc..

Once you tell Health Mate your target weight and how fast you want to get there, Health Mate calculates the number of calories you can eat each day.

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