Nest Home Security Cams


Nest Home Security Cams

Home security is an important point in today’s world. People try different type of security mechanisms to safe their house. One of the most important tools that is used for home security is security cams. Nest Home Security Cams are coming to our lives here.

Security cams has different types.  But mainy, we can divide this products into two category. These categories are :

  • Indoor Security Cams
  • Outdoor Security Cams

As you understand from their names, Indoor Security Cams are used inside the house. With Indoor Security Cams, you can monitor your rooms or any other parts of your house inside. Outdoor Security Cams are a little stronger than Indoor Security Cams. With these cams you can monitor outside of your house or building.

Using home security cams is a proactive solution. There are many alternatives for this area. One of the companies that produce security cams is Nest.

Nest Indoor and Outdoor Home Cams

Nest offers you two different cams as explained before. Indoor and Outdoor version of security cams. With Indoor Security Cam you can spot to the criminals that inside your house. And with Outdoor Security Cam you house will be safe like there is a guard around it. Think about it. If you have a guard, a gurad is only one person. But with different cams, you have multiple guards and views of all part of your house. Here, you Nest Indoor and Outdoor Cams areyour proof towards any burglar.

So how will you control your houses cams remotely? Here, Nest mobile application come to aid. With Nest mobile application, you can see your cams and you can get alarms and emails if someting happens. If you miss any alert, then you can see last 3 hours’s activity photos in Nest mobile application.

Let’s go inside a little.

Nest Indoor Security Cams

Nest Indoor Security Cams provides you to secure your rooms and any other places of your house. With this security product, you can control your house and your parents whereever you are. It also has an alarm mechanism if it detect any persone inside the house that is unwelcomed.


With Nest Indoor Security Cam, you provide 7/24 security to you house. Your cams’s video record is kept in to the cloud and you can save data up to 30 days.

If Nest Indoor Security Cam sees any person or detects an human activity, it alerts you. You can also determine security zones and any inturruption of these zones, you can get alarms.


Here, you will not provide only videos of the activities. Nest Indoor Security Cam records both videos and voices. It has a build-in speaker and microphone.

You can plug Nest Indoor Security Cam in to the power . So, there is no  battery need and there is no empty battery worry.

Nest Indoor Security Cam can alswork with your lights. You can connect them together and if you are not home and you need to give an impression like you are home, your lights can turn on.


Building and using Nest Indoor Security Cam is very simple. The only thing you need to do is, pluging the Nest Indoor Security Cam, Setting it up inside the application.

You can use this simple security product as standing, as a magnet, on the wall or like e tripod.

Nest Outdoor Security Cams

Nest Outdoor Security Cams provides you to secure your house and your building. With Nest Outdoor Security Cams, you can monitor your house whenever you are and you avaid unwelcomed people around your house.


With Nest Outdoor Security Cam, you provide 7/24 security to you building. Your cams’s video record is kept in to the cloud and you can save data up to 30 days like With Nest Indoor Security Cam.

Nest Outdoor Security Cams warns you if it detects any human activity aound you house. With this alert, you can connect and speak from tha cam. Think about it? If you speak towards a burglar, isn’t he go away as soon as possible.


Building and using Nest Indoor Security Cam is very simple too. The only thing you need to do is, pluging the Nest Outdoor Security Cam, setting it up inside the application.

Nest Outdoor Security Cam is water proof product. So it do not affected from the rain or snow.

With Nest Outdoor Security Cam, you keep safe not only your house, but also your neighbourhood by avoiding burglary.


With Nest Outdoor Security Cam use also power, so it do not need any batteries.

Nest Indoor Security Cam and Nest Outdoor Security Cam are very good home security solution together.  With these two products you house is safe and with you whereever you are.


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